Reliability Software



BQR is a world leader in Reliability Maintenance and EDA support tools. BQR offers software tools that enhance, improve and optimize Engineering processes in order to save costs and bring better, more robust products to the market. BQR software also enables the creation of systems that are easier to operate and maintain

Reliability Software

  • Provides automated stress analysis
  • Provides stress levels based on real scenarios
  • Detects stress errors before PCB layout
  • Enables selection of component ratings based on predefined and customizable derating guidelines
  • Implements standard net naming guidelines
  • Provides thermal placement guidance
  • Provides real MTBF calculations from actual electrical stress and temp


fiXtress is a comprehensive Design for Reliability (DfR) suite comprising three software tools that accelerate and optimize the design process. fiXtress is the only tool that integrates design error detection with stress, thermal and service life prediction on the schematic-level, before PCB layout.


BQR’s apmOptimizer is a unique maintenance optimization tool that enables engineers to model the existing asset maintenance concept and run an optimization process that recommends new cost saving maintenance policies

CARE comprises an integrated set of software tools, offering engineers a complete solution for all RAMS (Reliability, Maintainability,Availability and Safety) aspects of a product. CARE analyzes various components failures and their impact on system operational behavior and safety, while taking into account redundancy and backup elements. Unlike other tools, CARE provides all reliability analysis in one integrated platform – including traditional Mil-Std, ISO 9000, EN and IEC standards methods and advanced RAMS & ILS analysis techniques. The use of BQR CARE improves and enhances product reliability and robustness.



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