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Haptics+ Module: Haptic Gloves made easy


We are proud to announce the development of the Haptics+ Module. A new solution that provides haptic feedback for each individual finger, introducing a new and simple solution for Haptic Gloves. Using state-of-the-art actuators packed in a small and lightweight addon module, Manus VR brings you one step closer to the ultimate immersive experience.



VR Haptics+ Module



  • Haptic feedback (vibrations) for every individual finger using actuators
  • Fully programmable amplitude
  • Simulate multiple frequencies at different levels
  • Unity integration plugin included, Unreal plugin coming in Q3 2019
  • Easy to use with your current Manus VR Gloves


Coming this summer

Pre-order your Haptics+ Module


The Manus VR Haptics+ Module is coming this summer. We’re producing a limited first batch, so secure your pre-order now.





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