FPGA Debug

EXOSTIV™‘s unique structure allows capturing up to 200,000 times more of FPGA operation time than standard embedded instrumentation tools. EXOSTIV™ reduces the ‘guess work’ by capturing extended observation windows and makes more likely to see rare or non-repeating event.

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EXOSTIV Probe uses the FPGA’s multi gigabit transceivers (MGT) to flow captured data to an external memory, providing up to 8 Gigabyte of storage for debug data.

EXOSTIV Application includes MYRIAD, the industry’s first waveform viewer capable of handling terabytes of digital and analog waveform data.
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EXOSTIV IP supports repeating captures of up to 32.768 internal nodes simultaneously at the FPGA’s speed of operation.

EXOSTIV IP provides dynamic multiplexer control to capture even more data sets and limi the need to recompile FPGA.
Dynamic ON/OFF controls of data sets preserve the MGT’s bandwidth for deeper captures.


    • Xilinx devices support from Series 7**
    • Requires Vivado software for IP synthesis
    • Up to 8 GB external storage
    • Up to 4 x 6.6 Gb/s* MGT connections SFP / SFP + cages HDMI connector SDI, PCIe, SATA, FMC (with adapters)
    • MYRIAD waveform viewer (TB-capable)
    • USB 3.0 connection with PC
    • Configurable embedded instrumentation IP
    • RTL or post-synthesis IP insertion
    • Complex triggering iptions
    • Dynamic data sets multiplexing
    • Transitional storage
    • Data qualification / data filtering

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