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Trenz Electronic develops, manufactures, integrates and sells FPGA and SoC modules for business and science. Main focuses are on e.g. application specific HDL and FPGA design plus hard- and software development. The micromodules designed by Trenz Electronic feature modern Xilinx FPGA’s. With small size and high-density connectors, they can be used nearly everywhere. Gigabit Ethernet and integrated USB guarantees high data transfer rates to a host PC. Trenz offers FPGA carrier boards and SOM modules for most of the FPGA family including Artix-7, ZynQ UltraScale, Kintex-7, Spartan-7, etc

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Galore Systems takes its name from the city of its incorporation, Bangalore. Also known as Bengaluru, it's the IT capital of India and representative of the spirit of Indian entrepreneurship.

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